Variety of Drop Forged Components from 25 gm up to 75 kg net weight.

  • We are specialized in die drop forging and among the leading drop forged component producers.
  • We have total of 2 hot forging machines and 1 cold forging machines with a power rating ranging from 100 tons to 500 tons.
  • Equipment like friction screw presses and overall facility designs provide us the means to forge in a wide variety of materials assemblies with improved microstructure, fine grain size, better fatigue resistance and greater strength.


Extensive in-house machining capability to offer Finished Machined Forgings and Tooling Production.

  • Our capability for in-house machining gives us the advantage to offer customized proof or finished machined forgings as per customer requirements. We carry out a full range of complex or simple machining operations on our forged components.
  • Our specializations in Machining include:
    • CNC machining and turning centers of different ratings that cater to a wide range of machined parts.
    • 3 axis bar bending machines effectively produce three dimensional copper parts within close precision.
    • 3 and 4 axis machining centers with up to 1000 mm x 500 mm x 500 mm beds
  • With the advantage of press weld and solidification machines, we possess the expertise to manufacture Copper Flexibles, Laminations and Jumpers.
  • We also possess exhaustive presses with wide capacity range which include conventional, cross shaft, hydraulic and hydro pneumatic power presses for designing of our components.

Die Manufacturing

Our in-house production of forging dies and tooling guarantees quality and improved timelines.

  • With a completely equipped facility for hot-or-cold chamber casting we create brass and copper dies with high hardness, wear and corrosion resistance, excellent dimensional stability and surface finish.
  • Our fully integrated CAD/CAM package links product and die design to high-speed die sinking with the latest cutting tool technology.
  • Our overall approach towards die manufacturing guarantees that we produce the correct tooling for our hammers and the end component is manufactured in the most efficient and economical way possible.

Component Design

We provide full engineering support at the product Design Stage of the Forging Process.

  • Our team of skilled engineers, experienced technicians and customer-oriented management is always here to understand your demands and assist you in procuring desired components that are designed and fully optimized for the drop forging process.
  • We specialize in the designing and development of the most complex dies, tools, jigs and fixtures for the manufacture of customized precision parts.
  • In-house development of tools, jigs and fixtures is possible with the support of our up to date machinery.
  • The benefits of our combined drop forging and machining services add value to our customer services and are very appreciated by customers who want a single point sourcing to obtain complete parts. These benefits cascade further to improve communication, quality, lead time and overall cost.

Surface Finishing

We offer several Surface finish options to suit customer requirements.

  • Customer requirements for surface finishing including plating, galvanizing and passivation are carried out./li>
  • Please contact us to discuss your requirements. The best services will be provided based on requirement.