• To be a world class manufacturer in electrical switchgear components, providing the highest quality parts, services and solutions to our customers and maximizing returns to our shareholders.


  • To provide the electrical industrial sector with their requirements of high quality copper and brass components, assembly supplies and parts.
  • Maintain safe and environmentally friendly work practices across all our operations.
  • Create employment opportunities and inspire our workforce to excel in everything they do.
  • Contribute to the industrialization, development and diversification of the economy across different regions.

Core Values

  • Honesty & Integrity: At HF India, we build trust and commitment to our goals with the highest ethical standards.
  • Honesty and integrity are primary behavioral standards in whatever we do. Within the company and outside, we build relations with trust and incorporate integrity in our actions. Our drive to excel is backed by an honest code of conduct that is integral to the company and its employees.
  • Creativity & Innovation: We integrate technical innovations with customer insights to manufacture switchgear components and respond quickly and flexibly to business expectations.
  • Application of expertise, diverse skills, methodologies and a fully equipped exhaustive manufacturing facility enable us to keep up with customized demands and work towards exploring and integrating different techniques, processes and materials to ensure that we support the identified customer need or insight.
  • Quality: While maintaining competitive advantage, we apply Quality Management principles and proactively Integrate Quality systems throughout the product life cycle.
  • Continuous Improvement: We believe in optimizing resources, improving productivity and collaboration with partners to pursue continuous improvement across all aspects of our business.

Management Styles

  • Principles: At HF India, business is conducted in strict compliance with rigorously applied ethical, professional and legal standards. The management believes in doing business righteously and every transaction is carried out according to our core values and principles.
  • Accountability: We as an organization believe in taking responsibility of our employees, stakeholders and customers. The management at each level demonstrates accountability towards their decisions, specific responsibilities and overall function. On a consolidated basis, the entire team at HF India is explicitly responsible for building relationships with our clients, delivering required results to our stakeholders and ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Feedback: Fostering a culture of open communication in and around the workplace encourages the employers and the employees to give and receive constructive feedback on their performances as well as on the performance of the Company as a whole. Constructive feedback
    creates scope for improvement, learning and development that influences business and makes the organization more performance oriented
  • Empowerment: Empowerment at HF India is designed to increase the degree of responsibility of the employees by giving them a sense of belonging to the company. The organization continuously inspires employees to manage responsibilities, take ownership and delegate tasks
    effectively, bringing out their best talents and performances. Learning and development, being an essential pillar of the organization, the managers work towards continuous improvement by investing in building capabilities and providing skill / knowledge upgrading opportunities to the team.
  • Planning and Effective Execution: The Company has a clear vision of the future and a defined roadmap to achieve its objectives. We understand the critical elements of the manufacturing and product delivery process and also ensure timely and cost effective execution. In addition, the
    company also encourages innovation, continuous improvement and champions continuous learning.
  • Responsiveness: Understanding customer needs and timely responsiveness to customers’ demands is a key deliverable at our organization that keeps us ahead of our competitors. We build sustainable relationships by quickly identifying issues and priorities and exhibit professionalism while building partnerships.